UX/UI Designer
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Research and Strategy.

User research.
Conduct user research and analysis to understand user needs, behaviors, and preferences, and use that knowledge to inform the design of user-centered products and solutions.
Service design.
Apply service design principles to create coherent and fluid experiences across all touchpoints of a digital service, considering the entire flow of user interactions and experiences.

Interface and User Experience Design

User interface design.
Create attractive and functional visual interfaces for applications, websites and other digital products, using user-centered design principles.
Interaction design.
Define and design the way users interact with a digital product, including navigation, data entry, transitions and animations, among other aspects.
Prototyping design.
Create interactive prototypes of digital products to test and validate concepts before implementation, allowing rapid iterations and improvements based on user feedback.

Optimization and Continuous Improvement.

Usability evaluation.
Conduct usability tests and heuristic evaluations to identify problems and opportunities for improvement in the user experience, providing recommendations to optimize usability and accessibility.
Conversion optimization.
Analyze and improve conversion processes within a digital product, such as registration forms, shopping carts or purchase flows, to increase conversion rates and improve user satisfaction.

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